Yvonne’s Memorial Bench in Santa Monica

We are pleased to announce that a memorial bench has been installed in Tongva Park, across the street from Santa Monica City Hall, in loving memory of Yvonne Craig, who passed away August 17, 2015.

The exact location of the park is less than a block from the Santa Monica Pier. The entrance closest to her bench is on Ocean Avenue between Colorado Blvd and Seaside Terrace, and you can see the Pier from this entrance.  There is metered parking all around the park, or the Big Blue Bus stops right in front if you use public transportation.

This is just a terrific park if you have never visited it before and it overlooks the Santa Monica Pier as well as the coastline from the two observation structures within the park.  For a better look at the park, you can either just Google Tongva Park, Santa Monica or go to http://www.fieldoperations.net/project-details/project/tongva-park.html and follow the yellow arrows for the many stunning pictures of the various attractions of this park.
Yvonne’s memorial bench is in front of the main water feature and can be seen from the pictures on the above website. It is located in a peaceful spotand overlooks a lot of the park. We thought this would be the perfect choice of spots with her long time connection with Santa Monica and the surrounding area.

We visited as a family on August 17, 2016, but there has been no formal dedication or any kind of formal service planned, as those were her wishes.  However, if you happen to be in that area, please do stop by for a visit and we hope it will bring the same peace for you that it has brought to us.

The park is patrolled by police on bicycles and closes at 11 PM.  Like anywhere in Santa Monica it has its share of homeless people enjoying the area, so please be aware of your surroundings the same way you would of visiting the Pier or the parks in front of the Pier or walking on Third Street Promenade, all of these places in that same vicinity.

Here are some photos

yc_bench_1 yc_bench_2 yc_bench_3 yc_bench_4 yc_bench_5