Holy Hot Links, Batgirl!!

Most of the links that I’ve included are Batman related or sites set up by fans to celebrate characters from the Batman TV series. The only exceptions are the websites of my nephews, which have been included because they are in the industry and I’m proud of them and thought you might like to see what they are doing. If you know of any more sites that we should include that are Batgirl or Batman related, send an e-mail to for consideration. Thanks.

This is the 1966 Batman Message Board and there are fans that can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the series and characters, as well as up coming events related to the old series. A fan friendly website.

Ty’s Yvonne Craig site, with the most complete collection of dates and appearances of Yvonne Craig as Batgirl, and in her other TV and movie roles. Check out the Audio clip collection!

The Bat Pages
Enjoy visiting Scott Sebring’s website and check out the wonderful interview with Wally Wingert as well as some other nice surprises. A wealth of Batman related information.
Luis has practically everything I’ve ever been done on this website.
Don’t know where he finds it all, but thought you might enjoy not having to do the research.

The band, Clashing Plaid, made this adorable song “Be My Batgirl” and Paul from the BatgirlAccess1 channel created a video utilizing clips from the show. Check it out on YouTube:
Another fan site on Yvonne that is informative and lists her credits and some of the characters that she has played. Nice group of pictuers of Yvonne.
This is actually a pretty accurate biography of Ms. Craig and some nice photos to go along with it. Check it out and see for yourself.

Reverie Productions
Welcome to my nephew Christopher Carson’s website and some of the past projects that he has done, as well as some works in progress.

Todd Carson
Welcome to my nephew Todd Carson’s website which includes graphic design projects that he has worked on or is presently involved in.
This is a wonderfully done tribute to Yvonne on YouTube. It has great pictures and good music so I’m sure you will enjoy it. Thanks Greg.
Check out this site from the UK and all its information on various Batman trivia and characters as I’m sure you will enjoy it.
Wonderful Batmania website from Argentina that I think you will enjoy and it is very informative.

Here is a website that you will spend hours on I’m sure. It is kept up-to-date and fresh and is just a wealth of “Bat” information. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

This will link you to not only a very talented young man that does incredible work in sculpture, animation and comic design, but he is also a totally nice person who has a keen interest in Batman and The Green Hornet among other things Enjoy!!!
This is a wonderfully colorful website that you might be interested in regarding various subjects on Batman as well as an informative blog – hope you will enjoy it.
This is The Internet Movie Database you can go into it and type in anyone’s name and their body of work will show up or you can click here and it will list all the movies as well as TV appearances that Yvonne was in and also gives the name of the character that she played.