Film Credits

Yvonne Craig began her show business career as the youngest member of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo and rose to rank of soloist in that company before choosing an acting career.

She began her acting career as the female lead opposite Patrick Wayne in his first film entitled “The Young Land”.

Yvonne followed this up with leading roles or featured parts in several other films including:

“The Gene Krupa Story” Lead – opposite Sal Mineo


“Ski Party” Lead – opposite Dwayne Hickman

“It Happened At The World’s Fair” with Elvis Presley

“How to Frame a Figg” Lead – opposite Don Knotts

Q: Were you a regular on “Dobie Gillis”?
A: No, although it may have seemed so. I did four “Dobie” episodes and also a picture (“Ski Party”) with Dwayne Hickman. For whatever reason, Dwayne affects me the same way George Burns did Jack Benny (or was it the way Jack Benny affected George Burns?). Just thinking of him makes me smile and EVERYTHING he does makes me laugh! I can’t explain it. He has always had a droll and subtle sense of humor, but his just saying “hello” leaves me guffawing. Only his wife understands this and agrees!

“Eighteen & Anxious”

“By Love Possessed” Lead – opposite George Hamilton and Efrem Zimbalist

“High Time” Lead – opposite Bing Crosby

“One Spy Too Many” Lead – opposite Robert Vaughn

“In Like Flint” Lead – opposite James Coburn

“Seven Women From Hell”

“Mars Needs Women” Lead – opposite Tommy Kirk

and as Elvis Presley’s leading lady in “Kissing Cousins”

Q: What was it like working with Elvis?
A: I did two movies with Elvis – “It Happened at the World’s Fair” and “Kissin’ Cousins” and both times not only was he an absolute joy but the experience itself was wonderful. He was extremely professional – always on time, knew his lines, and was very much a part of the cast, never pulling rank as the “star”. He had a great deal of self-deprecating sense of humor and was very much a “southern gentleman” as far as good manners were concerned. Because he surrounded himself with his friends from Memphis, it was for me like always having about ten playful but protective big brothers on the set.

Yvonne’s stage experience includes:

“Butterflies Are Free”

“The Owl and the Pussycat”

“The Deadly”

and “Something’s Afoot”

Yvonne received her acting training from Curt Conway and Lee Strasberg. Her voice training was with Lee & Sally Sweetland. Other training includes:

School of American Ballet – New York

Frank Wagner – Jazz – New York

Stanley Holden School of Dance – Los Angeles

Eugene Loring School of Dance – Los Angeles