Television Credits

You have probably seen Yvonne Craig in several roles other than the 26 episodes as “Batgirl” in the Batman series.

She has over 150 television guest roles to her credit including Mod Squad, Love, American Style, Star Trek, Emergency, Kojak, Six Million Dollar Man, Courtship of Eddie’s Father, and It Takes a Thief, to mention a few.

Yvonne Craig also appeared as Batgirl in this Public Service Announcement for the U.S. Department of Labor.

Here is a list of television credits (in no particular order):

Olivia (Yvonne is the voice of Olivia the pig’s Grandmother)

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea “Turn Back the Clock”

Land of the Giants “Wild Journey”

Starsky and Hutch “Starsky vs. Hutch”

Wild, Wild West “Night of the Grand Emir”

Mr. Roberts “The #*&% Torpedoes”

Q: What was it like being green in the Star Trek episode “Whom Gods Destroy”?
A: To quote Kermit, “It’s not easy being green”. It took a long time to put it on, even longer to take it off, and until the next to last day of filming we never figured out a way to make it stay. Probably to this very day, if my cuticle were seen under a microscope small particles of green paint would still be visible!

McHales Navy “Pumpkin Takes Over”

The Partners “Two or False”

The Partners “Here Comes the Fuzz”

O’Hara, U.S. Treasury “Operation: Rake-Off”

Love, American Style “Love & the Loudmouth”

Love, American Style “Love & the Confession”

Love, American Style “Love & the Big Game”

Love, American Style “Love & a Couples of Couples”

Ben Casey “If You Play Your Cards Right – You Too, Can Be a Loser”

My Three Sons “If At First”

The Big Valley “The Invaders”

Wagon Train “The Link Cheney Story”

Q: What were the differences in the Batgirl costume from the original pilot and the actual series?
A: The mask, cape and cycle. The original mask was pointed under the eyes and came down on the cheek which made marks and had to be changed. The original cape was taken from the actual Barbara Gordon street dress and was her skirt – converted into the batgirl cape. This was changed so the Barbara Gordon wardrobe would not be the same each episode. The cycle on the pilot didn’t have bat wings and was higher tech. It had a bat for the rear view mirror. In the series, they wanted the cycle to look more feminine and more like a dressing table with ruffles and bows.

It Takes a Thief “The Bill is in Committee”

Mannix “In Search of a Whisper”

Mannix “Who Killed Me?”

My Favorite Martian “Keep Me From the Church”

Good Guys “The Communication Gap”

Death Valley Days “To Walk With Greatness”

Star Trek “Whom Gods Destroy”

Mod Squad “Find Tara Chapman”

Courtship of Eddie’s Father “Don’t Look Now But Your Scorpio’s Rising”

Holmes & Yo-Yo “Key Witness”

Emergency “Gossip”

Kojak “Dark Sunday”

Q: What was your favorite “Batman” episode?
A: Definitely the first one titled “Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin”. I loved the concept. For the Penguin to believe that if he married Barbara Gordon he could then proceed with his dastardly deeds unthwarted by his now new father-in-law, Commissioner Gordon – utterly audacious!

Six Million Dollar Man “The Infiltrators”

The Magician “The Man Who Lost Himself”

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir “Haunted Honeymoon”

Three Coins in the Fountain (pilot)

Laramie “The Long Road Back”

Philip Marlowe “Child of Virtue”

The New Breed “Hail, Hail the Gang’s All Here”

The Detectives “Quiet Night”

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis “The Flying Millicans”

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis “Dobie’s Navy Blues”

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis “Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Wow”

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis “Sweet Smell of Success”

Q: How many actresses have played Catwoman – including the Batman TV series and the movies?
A: Five – Julie Newmar (1966) and Eartha Kitt (1967) in the TV series, Lee Meriwether in the Feature Film (1966), Michelle Pfeiffer in the 1995 Batman movie, and Halle Berry in the 2004 Catwoman movie.

Malibu Run “The Rainbow Adventure”

Man With a Camera “Hot Ice Cream”

Hennessey “Scarlet Woman in White”

The Jim Backus Show “Dora’s Vacation”

Follow the Sun “A Ghost in Her Gazebo”

Mrs. G Goes to College “Mrs. G’s Private Telephone”

Wide Country “Bravest Man in the World”

Channing “My Son, the All-American”

Mystery Show “Murder Me Nicely”

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis “The Flying Millicans”

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. “The Brain Killer Affair”

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. “The Alexander the Greater Affair”

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. “The Bridge of Lions Affair”

Q: Who was your favorite “Batman” villain?
A: No question – Vincent Price. Not because he was the most villainous of the characters, but just because it meant that for however long he would be shooting with us we would be in the company of an incredibly bright, funny, erudite, and yes – sexy man, telling wonderful stories and imparting interesting information during that ‘down time’ one lives through on a set while technicians take over and actors are left to their own devices for spending time.

Dr. Kildare “A Day to Remember”

Dick Powell Theatre “In Search of a Son”

Jarrett (pilot)

The Barbara Stanwyck Theatre

Schlitz Playhouse

Peter Loves Mary

Mr. Lucky

77 Sunset Strip

For the Love of Mike (pilot)

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