Announcement Regarding Photos and Book Section

A Word from Yvonne Craig’s Family
Aug 19, 2015

Announcement Regarding Photos and Book Section

Happy Holidays to everyone (no matter what your celebration this time of year happens to be) and thanks so very much for your generosity in purchasing some of Yvonne’s unsigned books and photographs from her website over the past few months.

As was previously mentioned, these proceeds will be going to The National Breast Cancer Foundation in her memory. We will happily present them with a check by the end of this year once the final figures are in. It will be a wonderful way to honor her this holiday season, and a cause she believed in and supported for some many years.

Until we run out of her books, you will still be able to order them through her shopping cart (for US shipping only) by going through the website book order link and then the Pay Pal link on her site when placing an order. I will continue to fulfill these orders here until our supply is diminished.

We will keep the photo sections of the shopping cart open and running until December 19th and then that part will close down. However, the main website will remain up and running for your enjoyment and Scott Sebring will still be the Webmaster and adding his touch of genius from time to time. Anything pertinent will still be posted on her site or through the 1966 Batman Message Board from then on.

Thanks for all the wonderful memories of Yvonne (or some of the characters that she played) that you have shared with our family and the lovely condolence cards from so many of you as well as the awesome e-mails you have sent. They are all treasured and appreciated by each of us.

My sister was a unique individual and will be sorely missed by all of us, friends, fans and family alike.

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